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  1. A Simple Guide to the Open Payments Standard

    Learn how the Open Payments standard makes online payments easier and more accessible for everyone.

  2. The Telemetry Tale: A Journey into the Metrics of Interledger

    When simple metrics are paired with complex cloud solutions and important privacy considerations, the implementation process becomes significantly more complicated.

  3. Thoughts on Scaling Interledger Connectors

    Streaming payments mean that Interledger connectors need to process huge volumes of Interledger packets, but the current reference implementation is hard to run at scale.

  4. Interledger: How to Interconnect All Blockchains and Value Networks

    Interledger was born out of a project to build a blockchain-agnostic smart contracts platform. A key challenge was neutrality: how could a decentralized app buy resources like storage and computing, without being tied to a specific blockchain?

  5. Simplifying Interledger: The Graveyard of Possible Protocol Features

    As the development of the Interledger Protocol (ILP) nears completion, I thought we should take a moment to remember some of the many core protocol features we’ve killed off along the way.