Conver­sa­tions that challenge the status quo

The F|M Podcast brings you guests and topics that provoke new ways of thinking about our digital financial world and why it matters.

Access to financial services impacts economic freedom, choices, and opportunities: today 1.4 billion people worldwide remain excluded. We speak to people of all backgrounds and disciplines at the intersection of technology, policy, commerce and creativity who are challenging the status quo.

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Podcast episodes

Tune in for a special episode of the FM Podcast, featuring the Interledger Salon! The Salon is a quarterly panel that facilities insightful discussions with leaders in digital financial inclusion.

Join us as we deep dive into the 'Waterworks of Money', exploring complex topics such as monetary systems, financial structures, and the challenges of literacy and accessibility.

Explore how computational simulations of economic models can expose the gaps, pitfalls, and strengths of digital financial systems as strategies become tangible and apparent.

Discover how students at Bowie State University are shaping the future of Digital Financial Inclusion through open-source technology in partnership with the Interledger Foundation.

Explore the evolution of money from tangible matter into an increasingly immaterial entity as financial systems become more complex.

Meet the hosts

Future | Money podcast

Our regular podcast hosts are Lawil Karama and Hollis Wong-Wear. Lawil is a Programs Officer and Executive Producer of the F|M Podcast. She brings her perspective  as a conceptual artist, community organizer and experience as a past ILF Ambassador to her work.

Hollis Wong-Wear is a Grammy-nominated recording artist, filmmaker and strategist who works at the intersection of creativity, public policy, social impact and community building. A previous Community Ambassador of the Interledger Foundation, she is the founder and Principal of hww.work, a boutique agency and consultancy firm dialing up creativity for social change.


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