The modern way to make payments

Our aim is to increase access to digital financial services by advocating for the adoption of an open-source currency network, powered by the Interledger Protocol (ILP) and work directly with historically marginalized groups.

A common language for transactions

When the Interledger Protocol (ILP) is integrated into financial systems, it creates an interoperable payments network that isn’t limited by currencies or geographical location. The Interledger Network connects financial services that have implemented ILP, making payments easier, faster and more efficient. It is an open protocol and free for anyone to use. We also provide implementation tools, technical expertise and access to direct funding through our research and development grants. 

It’s an open, neutral protocol for transferring money based on TCP/IP, the protocol that defines the Internet. It was designed for sending cross-border, cross-currency, instant payments. ILP is a simple protocol that allows for truly instant payments, no matter the size of the payment. 

It routes packets of money across the ILP network just as the internet routes packets of information. By moving funds as seamlessly as the internet moves information, payments sent using ILP are secure, fast, and can be in any currency, including fiat or otherwise. This means transactions are not limited to particular banks, mobile money providers, or even borders. 

Stefan Thomas and Evan Schwartz co-created Interledger in 2015. In October of that year, the whitepaper “An Interledger Protocol” and the first implementation were released, and the Interledger World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Community Group was formed. The group oversees the development and governance of the Interledger Protocol, enabling different member organizations, full-time collaborators and the public work together to develop standards for the web. Learn more about how to participate and get the latest news on the Interledger forum at forum.interledger.org.

It is an open protocol which means it is free for anyone to use.