Revolu­tion­iz­ing digital payments

We’re leading the next evolution in payments through Interledger, the modern way for sending payments.

The Interledger Foundation is a global nonprofit foundation and steward of the Interledger Protocol (ILP) and Open Standards. Our role is to advocate for the adoption of open, interoperable payment solutions while supporting organizations that want to build on Interledger, and maintain a robust open-source community.

Our aim is to increase access to digital financial services for the 1.4 billion people worldwide who are currently excluded from traditional banking systems. We do this by making it easier to send money to anyone, anywhere. When payments are powered by Interledger, transactions are not limited to a particular bank, mobile money provider, or location.

“The Interledger Protocol is like emails. It allows you to send payments to anyone in the world using just a payment pointer.”

–Uchi Nick Uchibeke, Founder & CEO at Chimoney

“Interledger is the only way that we can enable the sharing of paid links from any wallet to any content creator's or publisher's wallet”

–Adelya Latifulina, Alex Mozeak