2023 Summit Talks

2023 Summit Talks

  • Briana Marbury

    Keynote Speaker | Briana Marbury CEO & President Interledger Foundation

    - 30min (recording available)

  • Stefan Thomas

    Launching Dassie: An Interledger Peer-to-peer Network

    - 45min (recording available)

    Over the last year, Stefan has been working on a new, fully peer-to-peer implementation of Interledger. The Interledger Protocol (ILP) was originally designed for network with explicit peering relationships such as contractual agreements between companies. However, Dassie is intended as an open network which is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. In his talk, Stefan will explain thes…

  • Layanah AlWreikat

    Cross Border Payments in the Instant Era

    - 45min (recording available)

    The session aims to engage a fruitful conversation regarding challenges facing INSTANT cross-border payments

  • Future Money Open Studio

    Future|Money Open Studio

    - 60min

    FUTURE|MONEY Was the first open grant opportunity for 2023. The goal was to seek artists of any discipline to reimagine outdated financial systems that currently exclude 1.7 billion people from accessing essential services to make and receive payments. Imagining the Future is often based on our own memories and imaginations of our surroundings. We asked the artists to dive into their imagination …

  • Ayden Férdeline

    Harvesting Hope from Hiccups: Overcoming Standardization Hurdles

    - 50min (recording available)

    Standardization is an art, not a science. After Meta launched Threads, which promised to interoperate with the fediverse and Mastodon, some in the Interledger community became enchanted by the promise that further down the line this could positively impact the adoption of the Interledger Protocol and the W3C web monetization standard. Cynics, however, have noted that the reality of standards adopt…

  • Colin Rice

    Exploring Risks and Consumer Trust in the Shift from Traditional to Open Finance

    - 50min

    Does open finance always lead to consumer empowerment? What if you’re poor? What if you’re already vulnerable? What if your data is misused? This session will examine these questions and more through a parallel thinking methodology. Open finance ecosystems have been viewed in the past decade as potential answers to solve inclusion challenges- they can break the hegemony of traditional financia…

  • Sabine Schaller

    Rafiki - Our friend has grown

    - 25min (recording available)

    Join us for an update on Rafiki, our open-source software designed to facilitate instant payments across different networks. Following our previous talk, we'll explore how Rafiki, together with Open Payments, has evolved over the past year to enable new capabilities for account servicing entities and third parties. We’ll also showcase a new part of the friend group: our test network, Rafiki.m…

  • Adrian Hope-Bailie

    Digital Wallets - Our financial "user agents"

    - 25min (recording available)

    Presenting Fynbos, the model digital wallet of the future, offering payment pointers as a universal payment instrument and Interledger as a universal payment rail. This presentation will show what is possible with a digital wallet that connects your existing accounts and identities and exposes them via the Open Payments APIs.

  • Erin Brown

    Partnering for Growth Leveraging Donors and Investors

    - 50min (recording available)

    Donor organizations, foundations, and some venture capital firms are key actors in the financial inclusion ecosystem and are now increasing efforts to engage and partner with new and underrepresented local actors to design and implement programs with sustainable outcomes (actors such as Interledger Foundation grantees). The purpose of this panel is to highlight the efforts of bilateral and multila…

  • Savannah Koolen

    Financial inclusion for undocumented people

    - 50min

    In this participatory creative session we are asking the Interledger community to brainstorm along on making banking, and money transferring accessible for undocumented people in the Netherlands. Undocumented people, are excluded from many governmental services, but can also not open a bank account in the Netherlands. This makes the exclusion every day more extreme because with only cash money it …

  • Tadej Golobic

    GateHub Payments via ILP - Integration with Rafiki

    - 25min (recording available)

    This talk will give an overview of GateHub Technical integration of Rafiki for the purpose of enabling ILP Payments

  • Federico Lorenzi

    Where the Beetle meets the Road.

    - 25min (recording available)

    At last year's ILP Summit, Joran introduced TigerBeetle - an Open Source Financial Accounting Database for Interledger and a few of the high level principles that guided our design philosophy. Now, we're excited to show off how TigerBeetle measures up, and how it enables all manners of high velocity, high contention use cases for the open payments ecosystem!