2023 Summit

Summit 2023
San Jose, Costa Rica

The 2023 Interledger Summit took place in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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Over 180 people attended from 26 countries, participating in 30 sessions ranging from ‘How Pix is revolutionizing financial inclusion in Brazil and what ILP has to do with it’ and ‘Financial Inclusion for undocumented people’ to ‘Cross border payments in the instant era’.

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Interledger Summit Hackathon

Summit 2023 Hackathon

In 2023 we hosted the first Interledger Summit Hackathon which focused on using Interledger, the OpenPayments API, and Web Monetization to power payments infrastructure for the future. The goal was to collaborate on open-source software that pushes the boundaries of open payments beyond the world of bank accounts and card associations. Over 80 people participated, and $6000 was awarded to winning entries.

Future | Money Open Studio

The Future | Money Open Studio brought together artists worldwide to exhibit their award-winning entries to the 2023 Interledger Foundation Arts & Culture Grant. Each piece explored a different perspective on the future of financial systems. The exhibition was curated by Lawil Karama and Kokayi Walker, with videography from Hollis Wong-Wear and Spencer Byam.