Streamed Live

The Main Stage was live-streamed on YouTube each day. While we process and release the individual talks, please use the full streamed videos from both days.

The Interledger Summit

New Orleans, LA, USA

November 12-13, 2022

Hey Friends! Now that outside was open again, we brought back the Interledger Summit this year in Nawlins, y’all! (translation: New Orleans, you all). We're very happy everyone went and “pass a good time” with the Interledger Krewe on November 12-13, 2022, with festivities the evening of the 11th, and experienced the cultural and culinary wonder of the South.

New Orleans French Quarter
New Orleans French Quarter

A Gathering

The Interledger Community

We couldn’t think of a better place to host our vibrant, global Interledger Community to connect, showcase, and celebrate our vital work in the financial inclusion and payments space. We were enthused to see folks IRL, learn from each other, and share a preview of the groundbreaking roadmap that lies ahead for the Interledger Protocol.

Over the course of two days you’ve experience keynote speeches by industry leaders, participated in engaging workshops & sessions, and enjoyed all the The Big Easy has to offer!

Meeet the Speakers

We looked for curious minds to join us in New Orleans and share their knowledge and experiments around the payments and financial inclusion ecosystems.

Briana Marbury headshot

Briana Marbury

President & CEO

Interledger Foundation

Stefan Thomas headshot

Stefan Thomas



Arunjay Katakam headshot

Arunjay Katakam

Digital Finance Advisor


Erin Brown headshot

Erin Brown

Performance Lead


Paula Hunter headshot

Paula Hunter

Executive Director

Mojaloop Foundation

Michael Richards headshot

Michael Richards

Financial Services Principal


Adrian Hope-Bailie headshot

Adrian Hope-Bailie



Sabine Schaller headshot

Sabine Schaller

Research & Development Lead


New Orleans, LA, USA

Marriott Warehouse Arts District

Located in Downtown New Orleans, the Marriott Warehouse Arts District offers a brand new redesign, sophisticated comfort amid the unbridled energy and unique charm of the Big Easy. Housed in a renovated 19th-century warehouse, our unique venue blends historic elegance with modern convenience.

New Orleans French Quarter