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Learn more about the various open-source projects that Interledger is working on.

Open Payments icon (full color) Open Payments

Open Payments is an open API standard that can be implemented by account servicing entities to facilitate interoperability in the setup and completion of payments for different use cases.

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Rafiki icon (full color) Rafiki

Rafiki is open source software that provides an efficient solution for an Account Servicing Entity to enable Interledger functionality on its users' accounts.

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Interledger icon (full color) Specifications

The Interledger Protocol (ILP) is an open, neutral protocol for transferring money based on TCP/IP, designed for sending packets of money across different accounting ledgers. Read the Interledger specifications or contribute to them.

Interledger icon (full color) Test Network

The Test Network (Testnet) is an open Interledger network working with test money designed for account servicing entities to test their Interledger integration.

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Engineering Blog

Our team shares their thoughts and experiences on Interledger and the work that we are doing.

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