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Libraries and Tools

Testnet Wallets

Rafiki Money

A user-facing demo wallet that can make Interledger payments to a variety of peers (supports USD, testnet only). Sign up at


Open source software deployed by account servicing entities to enable Interledger functionality on its users accounts.


Javascript Connector

An Interledger Connector implemented in Javascript. This project has been battle-tested in various production deployments.

Rust Connector

An Interledger Connector implemented in Rust. This project is not actively maintained, but has a robust feature-set and is easy to use.


Interledger RS

Build ILP applications that send and receive payments natively in Rust using, which is a Rust implementation of Interledger.


Implementations of ILP-over-HTTP, which is a bilateral communications protocol for server-to-server ILP connections.

Interledger STREAM

Reliably send packetized money and data over Interledger using STREAM.