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Hacktoberfest with Interledger


Our vision is a world where sending payments is as easy as sending an email. This means transactions are not limited to particular banks, mobile money providers, or borders.

Because we strive to be open, inclusive, and innovative in everything we do, we have provided a neutral home for the Interledger Protocol and the Open Payments and Web Monetization standards.

The Interledger Protocol has arisen from a need to solve the complexity of global payments. It’s an open, neutral protocol for transferring money based on TCP/IP, the protocol that defines the Internet. It was designed for sending cross-border, cross-currency, instant payments. We provide standards (like Open Payments and Web Monetization) and tools (like Rafiki) that lower the barrier for financial services to adopt ILP and increase access to digital financial services.

Here at Interledger, Hacktoberfest is something genuinely close to our hearts. We’re building on our work from last year, when we hosted our first Hacktoberfest campaign, and the community rallied behind us with incredible contributions.

This year, we’re thrilled to make the “Hacktoberfest with Interledger” month even more engaging with a mentorship program, a richer learning experience, and some amazing rewards!

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About Hacktoberfest

Hacktoberfest is an annual event that promotes open-source contributions throughout October. It aims to support and give back to open-source projects that underpin today’s tech infrastructure. Over the past decade, thousands of coders and non-coders have joined to support their favorite projects, improve their skills, and connect with like-minded open-source enthusiasts.

Ways to Get Involved

You can contribute to Interledger in various ways, and all accepted contributions receive Interledger Swag! We’ve got a tiered rewards system that we hope will show our appreciation for the hard work that goes into being an open-source contributor.

Contribute to Open Issues

Explore our curated list of Hacktoberfest issues, ready for you to pick up.

Please refer to the Contribution guide in the participating repositories for more details.

Hacktoberfest with Interledger Events

Organize or Join us for exciting Hacktoberfest events throughout the month. If you want to host a “Hacktoberfest with Interledger” pop-up event, we’ll support you and help you spread the word.

Fill up this form and we will get back to you shortly.

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We're Here to Help You

Whether you're a seasoned contributor or just starting out, our community is here to support you.

Join us on GitHub and Slack to get assistance, collaborate with others, and make the most of your Hacktoberfest journey. Say hello to us on "#Hacktoberfest" channel on slack.

We look forward to your contributions and celebrating open source together!