ILP Overview, 1st Real Money Payment, and "Dial-Up Interledger"

Watch the presentations from the 2nd Interledger Community Workshop in London on July 6. Gatehub and Bitstamp demonstrate the first real money Interledger payment, BigchainDB discusses how they are building ILP into the core of their blockchain, Stefan Thomas and Evan Schwartz give an overview and deep dive on ILP, and Ben Sharafian shows off "dial-up Interledger".

Building The Internet Of Payments With Interledger

In this Epicenter Bitcoin episode, Stefan Thomas and Evan Schwartz explain the vision, origins and architecture of Interledger. They also discuss the ongoing work with the W3C to create a neutral, open payments standard and how you can get involved.

Micropayment Demo: Interledger + Torrents

Evan Schwartz demonstrates how Interledger payments can be built into file sharing protocols to allow both file sharers and content producers to get paid by downloaders.

Crypto Conditions

Stefan Thomas explains Crypto Conditions, a suite of cryptographic primitives, or conditions, and methods for combining them. Crypto Conditions are used for transfer holds in Interledger Transport layer protocols to provide payment reliability. Crypto Conditions can also be used to add multi-signature in other contexts.