Payment Parity Perspectives: Women of Color Reshaping Financial Inclusion

07.11.23 2:10pm - 50m

The session will feature perspectives from three women of color from diverse sociocultural backgrounds on their situated knowledge related to problems, impacts, and potential solutions to financial inclusion and equity. The panelists have a longstanding background of working with the ILP community and will comment on best practices and open payment standards to enable seamless interoperability between different financial institutions, platforms, and technologies. Thus resulting in greater accessibility and affordability of financial services as both a driver and a gauge of gender equality.


---Raashi Saxena – Strategy Consultant & Trainer, Accessibility Lab

Speakers: ---Victoria Coker – Founder of Black Web Fest

---Xiaoji Song – Interdisciplinary Artist, Researcher and Entrepreneur

--- Julaire Hall -Julaire is a highly accomplished project and program management professional with 10+ years of extensive experience in planning, executing, and overseeing the successful delivery of programs in government and the global services sector. She’s previously worked for Jamaica’s investment and promotions agency and the private sector-led industry outsourcing association.As Programs Outreach Manager for the Interledger Foundation, Julaire will help build the programmatic aspects of the Foundation.