How PIX is revolutionizing financial inclusion in Brazil and what ILP has to do with it

06.11.23 3:35pm - 15m

In 2020, during the pandemic, the Brazilian government created the PIX payment method, which is revolutionizing digital payments in Brazil and opening a whole new world of possibilities for more financial inclusion. Only in 2022, PIX moved 12 trillion reais (around 2.5 trillion USD) between people and companies in Brazil.

Especially for small business owners/entrepreneurs and content creators, the PIX solution facilitates quick transactions, with no fees and high liquidity rates. It helps the entire ecosystem to thrive – from supplier to company to client. PIX has an open API that is constantly under improvement, encouraging open innovation.

Our goal as Grantees is to connect such an amazing technology with ILP, aiming to unlock a huge financial revolution. In this panel, we will talk about the changes that PIX caused in Brazil, and how ILP can be the bridge that connects open payments worldwide.