Financial inclusion for undocumented people

06.11.23 2:25pm - 50m

In this participatory creative session we are asking the Interledger community to brainstorm along on making banking, and money transferring accessible for undocumented people in the Netherlands. Undocumented people, are excluded from many governmental services, but can also not open a bank account in the Netherlands. This makes the exclusion every day more extreme because with only cash money it is almost impossible to survive. The shops and services in the city are rapidly only accepting payments with card. We are interested in the insides, experiences, and good practices the Interledger community can share with us during this session. Two podcast episodes will be a tangible output; one with voices of undocumented people we hope we can bring to the attention about the exclusion they face and one with the input gathered at the summit with knowledge and ideas from the participants. This session is a follow up, on the conversation Here to Support and Interledger Foundation had in Amsterdam during MozFest Amsterdam in July 2023.