Diversity in war times / knowledge as safe place

06.11.23 4:25pm - 15m

With the Ukrainian war next door, and myself being Romanian, many things changed. Lots of Ukrainians got refuge in Romania and I got to experience first hand their stories.

What surprised me the first time, was the fact that some women struggled with technology - with maps, with exchanges etc. They were the ones fleeing with kids as the husbands (mostly male) remained home/got blocked by the army in their motherland. But they were never the head of the house, they were never the main driver, they were never those paying big things - or at least not alone. And that got me thinking about how an unexpected situation challenges the default system to the ground.

So while we create different solutions to empower the world's financial transactions, we need to be more conscious of the blockers that some might have.

We have to imagine the unimaginable in 2023.