ILP Summit 2019 Videos

The 2019 summit brought together developers, entrepreneurs, and researchers in San Francisco for two days of sharing, building, and learning. Here you can find the recordings of the sessions and talks. Enjoy!

Welcome and State of the Interledger - Evan Schwartz

Summit Kickoff - Ethan Beard, Xpring

Running Connectors - Strata Labs

Coil and Web Monetization

Puma Browser Demo

Demo of CryptoCowboy's Trading Algorithm

Switch API: Building a Cryptocurrency Wallet Using ILP - Kava

Business Use Cases for Interledger - Warren Paul Anderson, Xpring

Rafiki Workshop - Adrian Hope-Bailie, Coil

Cosmos and Interledger - Sunny Aggarwal, Cosmos

Interledger in Rust - Evan Schwartz

Flare Network - Sean Rowan

Harbor Wallet Demo - Daniel Caroll, Secure Blockchains

Designing the eCommerce Experience for Interledger - Sabine Bertram, Coil

'Always Be Settling' and Settlement Architecture Discussion - Kevin Davis, Kava

Stronghold USD Integration of Interledger Streaming Payments - Sean Bennett

Interledger Project Governance Discussion

Interledger Routing Discussion

Squire Demo - Christian Ondaatje

Gatehub Demo - UroŇ° Hercog

Future of Interledger - Stefan Thomas