Docs Overview

Welcome to the Interledger documentation. Here you can learn how Interledger works and how to start building with it.

Wondering what this is all about? See Why Interledger.

Building on Interledger

Build payments into your apps or other protocools without tying yourself to a specific currency or payment network. Create accounts on our demo ledgers and start sending Interledger payments with the client libraries. Check out Getting Started.

Interledger Architecture

Interledger enables payments across many different types of ledgers. The Interledger Protocol Suite is comprised of four layers: the Application, Transport, Interledger, and Ledger protocols. To learn more, see the Interledger Architecture Overview.

Protocol Specs and APIs

To dive into the technical specs, see the Interledger RFCs. Also see the documentation for the components of the reference implementation, code-named "Five Bells". There are the connector, the example ledger and the application layer ILP Kit.


Interledger provides secure payments using transfer holds based on Cryptographic Conditions. The Transport protocols provide reliable transmission even through untrusted intermediaries. For the theoretical foundations of Interledger, read the Whitepaper.

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