Libraries & Tools

Build Interledger applications.


Build Interledger payments into your apps with the ILP SPSP Client. This library can connect to any SPSP receiver for account discovery and payment detail negotation. For more information on how to use SPSP, read "SPSP: Simple Payment Setup Protocol" on the Interledger Blog.


If you use the Koa framework in Node.js, this library will allow you to monetize your API in only a few lines of code. For more information, check out our Github and our blog post about it.

ILP Fetch

You can use ILP Fetch as a client to HTTP-ILP. ILP Fetch follows the Fetch API, but allows the client to send payments. You can use it to interact with paid APIs on Interledger.

Moneyd XRP

Moneyd-XRP allows you to connect to the Interledger network via XRP. It can be used on the livenet or the testnet with minimal configuration. We also have "Moneyd-ETH" and "Moneyd-Lightning" in the works.

More tools coming soon!