An open and inclusive payments network that puts humanity first.

The Interledger Foundation and its community are building pathways to financial access and opportunity across the world, connecting humanity in a new way.

Interledger is working towards a more equitable and creative global society through an open payments network in which anyone can seamlessly earn, share, buy, sell, and trade with anyone else in the world.

To drive this vision forward we will

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Connect a powerful community of web advocates and leaders.

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Promote creative and innovative solutions to connecting humanity.

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Steward technology and standards work that advances open payment technology.

Platforms using Interledger Technology

Featured Program

Grant for the Web

Grant for the Web (GftW) is a $100M fund to boost open, fair, and inclusive standards and innovation in Web Monetization.

Distributed Media Lab
An innovative reader revenue platform that harnesses Web Monetization to power distributed reader revenue across a network of participating publishers. This decentralized approach will empower publishers to harness the natural scalability of the open web. Learn More

Fueling social justice with a monetization stream
Web Monetizing deployments on Ushahidi, an open-source crowdsourcing platform that’s been used globally for crisis response, human rights protection, good governance, and ensuring integrity in elections. Learn More

GftW Ambassador Akintunde Sultan Bolaji
“Hack Sultan” working to activate 10K developers in Web Monetization across the African continent. Learn More

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